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While most Faeria's rules are fairly easy to understand, when several effects are brought into conflict, things can get a little more complicated. The advanced rulebook try to describe and explain those interactions.

For information on the game's basic mechanics, see Battlefield, The power wheel and Card mechanics.

Land[edit | edit source]

Land creation and card mechanics[edit | edit source]

Land can't be created with the power wheel under your opponents creatures with aquatic or flying, however a land generation effect (Cartographer) can create lands on any ocean tile.

Land movement[edit | edit source]

When a land is moved by a card effect (Shifting Tide), any creature on that land will move with it.

Land destruction[edit | edit source]

When a card effect allows you to destroy lands (Meteor), affected lands are replaced by ocean tiles.

Card mechanics[edit | edit source]

Aquatic creatures[edit | edit source]

Aquatic creatures which end their turn not on an ocean tile or a Lake will be destroyed.

Charge and Taunt[edit | edit source]

A creature with charge X can charge through any Taunt creature as long as it did not start its movement adjacent to that creature.

Flying creatures[edit | edit source]

A creature with flying which lose Flying over an ocean tile must move onto land by the end of their controllers turn or be destroyed.

Protection[edit | edit source]

Protection does not protect a creature from destroy effects (Last Nightmare).

Faeria cost[edit | edit source]

A creature's adjusted Faeria cost is used for cards such as Unbound Evolution.
For example, if you play Ancient Boar for 2 Card faeriaicon.png then its adjusted Faeria cost is 2 for all future interactions.