Air Elemental

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Air Elemental
English 289.png
ID: 289
Color/Faction: Yellow
Card Name: Air Elemental
Type: Creature
Rarity: Card rarity common.png Common
Faeria Cost: 4 Card faeriaicon.png
Deserts Required: 1 Icon land yellow.png
Power: 4 Power
Life: 2 Life
Assigned codex id: 100018
Number of cards in codex: 2
Flying Gift - Create a desert.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Air Elemental can be used effectively in rush decks. Costing 4 Faeria and 1 Desert, Air Elemental can be played on turn 2 if Player 1 and on turn 1 if Explore is used as player 2. If played on the early turns, Air Elemental extends your reach and makes it more difficult for your opponent to create defensive lands. In addition, as a flying creature, Air Elemental can harvest Faeria wells without the need for land. This allows the player to utilize the +1 Faeria and +1 Card options on the power wheel.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Changes in week 21, 2016-05-23

  • The attack power of the card changed from "3" to "4".