Altar of Souls

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Altar of Souls
English 265.png
ID: 265
Color/Faction: Yellow
Card Name: Altar of Souls
Type: Structure
Rarity: Card rarity epic.png Epic
Faeria Cost: 3 Card faeriaicon.png
Deserts Required: 3 Icon land yellow.png
Life: 3 Life
Assigned codex id: 101000
Number of cards in codex: 0
Activate - Deal 2 damage to yourself and add a 6/1 Slaughtering Shadow to your hand. It costs Card faeriaicon.png 1.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A Slaughtering Shadow normally costs 3 Faeria. This means your first Slaughtering Shadow will come at an extra price of 2 damage. The next two will cost 1 Faeria and 2 damage. Is two damage worth 3 Faeria? The answer is yes. Soul Pact grants 2 Faeria for 2 damage and is a staple of Yellow decks. Here we get 1 extra Faeria at the price of having to spend it on a Slaughtering Shadow. Not a bad trade so long as you are able to activate the Altar at least twice.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Shaytan priests of Ouroboros gain great power in dark and terrible places. Each soul they feed to the Endless Serpent increases Its power while removing from the world a bit of the Faeria that protects all of creation.

Changelog[edit | edit source]