Aurora's Creation

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Aurora's Creation
English 94.png
ID: 94
Color/Faction: Blue
Card Name: Aurora's Creation
Type: Event
Rarity: Card rarity epic.png Epic
Faeria Cost: 5 Card faeriaicon.png
Lakes Required: 3 Icon land blue.png
Assigned codex id: 101000
Number of cards in codex: 0
Add a copy of a creature to your hand. It costs Card faeriaicon.png 5 less.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Aurora's Creation has lots of great uses: Copying a Legendary, Copying a buffed card, Copying a card with a great Gift and more. If you are running this card be sure to include a few good targets from your own deck, you don't want to rely on your opponent having 5+ Faeria cost minions to use it on.

Changelog[edit | edit source]