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Boosters were a way for players to grow their Faeria collection. Each booster contained 5 cards with at least one guaranteed to be rare or better. They have since been replaced with Battle Chests, and Mythic Chests.

Obtaining Boosters[edit | edit source]

Boosters can be obtained in a variety of ways:

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Players are awarded one booster pack each time they level up.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Boosters can be bought at the in-game shop for 100 gold per pack.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Boosters can be bought in the Shop for the following prices:

4 Booster packs 2.99 USD 2.69 EUR
14 Booster Packs 9.99 USD 8.99 EUR
30 Booster Packs 19.99 USD 17.99 EUR

Early Access Bundle[edit | edit source]

20 Packs are obtained by purchasing the Faeria Early Access Bundle.