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Card mechanics

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When you click on one card, in game or in deckbuilder, you can see the effect of its mechanics.

List of Card mechanics[edit | edit source]

Once per turn, you may click structure to activate its effect.
Can move in the ocean and lakes, but not on other lands.
Charge X
Can move up to X spaces in a straight line.
Choose one
Allows you to choose between different options.
Does something whenever this creature fights another creature.
Dash X
When summoned, move this creature up to X spaces in a straight line.
Instantly destroy any creature this creature damages.
Can move over the ocean.
Does something when you play this card from your hand.
Can attack, harvest and move the turn you play it.
Can move up to 2 spaces, jumping over anything in its way.
Last Words
Does something when this creature dies.
Does something at the start of each of your turns.
The next time this creature would take damage, it ignores it and loses Protection instead.
Attacks the first enemy in a straight line (friendly units block the way). Can't move and attack in the same turn.
Opponent's creatures adjacent to this one can't do anything else than attacking it.