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When you select a card, in game or deckbuilder, you can see the effects of its mechanics.

A Keyword ability is a word or words that substitutes for a piece of rules text. It appears in bold letters on a card.

List of card keyword mechanics[edit | edit source]

Once per turn, you may click structure to activate its effect.
A unit with Aquatic can move only on ocean and lake land tiles, but not on any other type of lands.
This unit can move up to the number of spaces specified, following the mechanic, in a straight line.
Choose one
When a card with this mechanic is played you are given multiple options to choose between.
Trigger a specified effect, whenever a creature with Combat fights.
When summoned, you may move this creature up to the number of spaces specified following the mechanic, in a straight line.
Destroy any creature this unit damages, regardless of it's health.
Cannot be targeted by events or abilities.
A unit with Flying can move over ocean tiles without being destroyed.
Does something when you play this card from your hand.
A creature with Haste can attack, harvest and move the turn you play it.
A creature with Jump can move up to 2 spaces in any direction, passing over anything in its way.
Last Words
When a unit with Last Words dies, trigger the specified effect.
At the start of your turn trigger the specified effect.
When this creature would take damage, ignore it and lose Protection instead.
This creature can attack the first enemy in a straight line, regardless of adjacency. A unit with Ranged cannot move and attack in the same turn.
Imprison a creature within this unit. When the unit with Swallow dies, the creature is released.
Opponent's creatures adjacent to a unit with Taunt cannot move or attack any other target.

List of card Ability mechanics[edit | edit source]

A target is the recipient of an action.