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What is Crafting?[edit | edit source]

Faeria is not a trading card game (TCG), so you have only 2 options to get a card:

  • Open boosters
  • Craft the card
Crafting mode

The crafting system is based on 2 things:

  • A particular resource (Memoria)
  • Each card has a Memoria cost

The crafting system allows you to break down unwanted cards into Memoria that can then be used to create others.

How does Crafting work?[edit | edit source]

You can access to the crafting screen through the 'Crafting' button in the deck builder. Here you can see all the cards in the game along with how many of each you own. Cards you don't have are indicated with a padlock at the bottom.

If there are cards you don't want (for example you have more than three of them or they don't fit your play style) you can select the card and click 'Disenchant'. This removes one copy of the card from your collection and gives you a certain amount of crafting resource known as Memoria.

To create a card you want, simple select it then press 'Craft'. If you have enough Memoria, a copy of that card will be added to your collection.

The action of Crafting and Disenchanting cards is done instantly, you do not get an option to cancel, make sure you are certain about your choices of crafting and disenchanting.

Memoria gain and cost varies according to the rarity of the card:

Rarity Disenchant Craft
Card rarity common.png Common 1 5
Card rarity rare.png Rare 5 20
Card rarity epic.png Epic 20 80
Card rarity legendary.png Legendary 80 320