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Deckbuilding is the process of selecting cards from your collection to make a deck consisting of a group of thirty cards. It is with your deck that you can fight against opponents.


How can I build my deck[edit | edit source]

Deck building is accessed from the 'Deckbuilder' button from the main page.

Organization of cards by color

Here you can see all of your decks previously builded and the 'Create a Deck' option that allows you to create a new deck.
In the top left you can see the average Faeria cost of your deck. Just below you have two options to select cards:

  • Codex (see below)
  • Cards

With these 2 options you can build a deck selecting the cards you want (if these cards are in your collection).

The cards are organized by color: Neutral, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow. Access to the different colors is available by clicking the buttons containing different land on the top.
A deck can have up to three copies of the same common, rare or epic card and one copie of a legendary card.

If you need help to build a deck with a strategy to win games feel free to go on the type of decks and strategies page.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Codex Options

One alternative to individually selecting cards to construct your deck is to use 'Codex' option. Codex groups cards with a similar theme together when selected, which greatly simplifies the deck making process. This option may be useful for new player that don’t know how to evaluate individual cards yet, but who are eager to start playing.
You can have access to all Codex cards after you play the prologue and all the campaign missions in the Solo mode.

Card rarity[edit | edit source]

Each card has an emblem on the bottom of its representation:

  • Common cards have a white emblem: Common
  • Rare cards have a blue emblem: Rare
  • Epic cards have a purple emblem: Epic
  • Legendary cards have a gold emblem: Legendary

Conclusion of the basics[edit | edit source]

Once thirty cards have been selected for your deck, you can name it by clicking the 'My Deck' text in the top left section of the Deckbuilder, and then writing in the name. Above the text is the average Faeria cost of all the cards in your deck. Finally, the 'Save' button allows the deck to become available when returning to the Deckbuilder, or accessing the 'Battle mode' through the main page.

Rename your deck, see its average Faeria cost, save it and play!

What cards should I include in my deck?[edit | edit source]

What cards to include in your deck depends on the type of strategy that you want to play. Strategy is a term used to describe how advantages are obtained throughout the game.
The type of decks and strategies page develop the different strategies in Faeria.
You can also go on the introductory article to deck building by Squiddybiscuit, which can be found here:

Besides the strategy of a deck, what cards to include depends on comparing the stats and effects of cards with their Faeria cost. Some cards in Faeria have a greater expected Faeria value than others, and Nightingale has written a guide that describes some methods for evaluating the expected value of cards, which can be found here: