Desert Twister

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Desert Twister
English 257.png
ID: 257
Color/Faction: Yellow
Card Name: Desert Twister
Type: Event
Rarity: Card rarity epic.png Epic
Faeria Cost: 0 Card faeriaicon.png
Deserts Required: 5 Icon land yellow.png
Assigned codex id: 101000
Number of cards in codex: 0
Teleport a creature to a desert you control.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Desert Twisters high Desert requirement makes it difficult to find a place for it in multi-colored decks. It performs very well in both Yellow rush and Yellow control. Good targets include enemy Taunt minions and big threats to your orb. While it is similar to Flash Wind, it is important to note that Desert Twister always costs 0 Faeria, making it a good choice for turns where you can't spare any resources.

Changelog[edit | edit source]