Flame Spitter

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Flame Spitter
English 214.png
ID: 214
Color/Faction: Red
Card Name: Flame Spitter
Type: Creature
Rarity: Card rarity common.png Common
Faeria Cost: 3 Card faeriaicon.png
Mountains Required: 1 Icon land red.png
Power: 2 Power
Life: 2 Life
Assigned codex id: 101000
Number of cards in codex: 2
Gift - Deal 1 damage to an enemy.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Can be used as an earlier Faeria farmer, but is best used later in the game. Flame Spitter is a cheap body with a free Falcon Dive attached. Many Creatures in Faeria have 1 Life, so you don't want to waste this ability in the early game unless you don't have any other farming choices.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Changes in week 21, 2016-05-23

  • The life of the card changed from "1" to "2".