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In Faeria there are 5 different lands that can be developed by players on the battlefield:

Prairie[edit | edit source]

  • All neutral creatures can be summoned on a Prairie you control
  • You can build any structure, even colored one, on a Prairie you control
  • Placing a colored land upon a Prairie you control will upgrade it to this chosen colored land

Colored Lands[edit | edit source]

Colored lands
  • Some cards require a number of colored lands to be controlled before you could play them
  • You can only summon a colored creature on corresponding colored lands
  • Creatures with mixed costs could be summoned on either of the required colored lands
  • Neutral creatures and structures can be summoned on any colored land you control
  • You can't transform one colored land into another using the power wheel. However some card effects allow you to transform lands (Baeru, the First Wave).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Land creation
  • You can only create a new land on an ocean tile (an empty tile with no land)
  • You can create a land next to your orb or next to a land you control
  • You can create a land next to a creature you control, unless this creature is on an ocean tile
  • You can create either 2 Prairies or 1 colored land using your power wheel each turn
  • You can summon creatures only on your lands
  • Any creature that doesn't have aquatic or flying ability will die after one turn if she is on an ocean tile. You can have such situations as a result of creature transformation

Advanced rulebook: Lands[edit | edit source]

1. Land creation and card mechanics: land can't be created with the power wheel under your opponents creatures with aquatic or flying, however a land generation effect (Cartographer) can create lands on any ocean tile

2. Land movement: when a land is moved by a card effect (Shifting Tide), any creature on that land will move with it

3. Land destruction: when a card effect allows you to destroy lands (Meteor), affected lands are replaced by ocean tiles

4. Land transformation: when a card effect allows you to transform lands (Baeru, the First Wave), the old lands become new ones