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In Pandora mode you can draft a deck and play Single Player against AI, or Multi Player against other people online during each Pandora season. You receive gold, chests, experience, and Pandora Points as a reward in both game modes, however Multi Player rewards will be higher than Single Player. Pandora mode can be reached from the main menu by pressing 'Play' then the 'Pandora' button.

Practice and Pandora Coins[edit | edit source]

There are two ways of starting a draft in Pandora. With either a Practice Coin or a Pandora Coin. Each coin will work in Single Player and Multi Player modes. Practice Coins do not give a different draft or play experience, but will give different rewards at the end of the run compared to Pandora Coins. The rewards are also different between Single Player and Multi Player. Single Player only grants gold rewards, while 3 wins in Multi Player will grant a third of a Pandora Coin. See reward chart below for more details.

You can obtain Coins by different means.

  • Practice Coin: Can be obtained for free every day, if you do not currently have a practice coin in your possession. (The exception to this rule is starting a Practice Pandora run without finishing, which still allows you to receive another coin the next day, and finish your run. You may only ever have one Practice Pandora and one Practice Coin simultaneously.)
  • Pandora Coin: Can be obtained by completing three practice coin runs with three wins, buying it for 2000 gold or 250 gems, or through the Ranked End-Of-Season rewards. The ability to purchase coins will appear in the Pandora menu when you no longer have any coins to use. Pandora Coins may be gifted as recruit-a-friend rewards and for watching the Official Faeria Stream during special events (like the Monthly Cup).

Drafting[edit | edit source]

When you start a Pandora run, three colors are chosen randomly for your card selection in the draft phase. One color will show a lock icon in the bottom right to remind you during the draft. You will always get neutral cards. When drafting in Pandora mode you will choose 1 of 5 random cards. You are no longer more likely to receive the same color the more you pick cards from it. On the 10th, 20th and 30th draft, you choose from 3 random Pandora treasures. You cannot have more than 1 of the same Pandora treasure in your deck once it is picked. A list of all the Pandora cards can be found here; List of Pandora Cards.

Queuing/Shard of Pandora[edit | edit source]

Pandora mode will attempt to match you against other people with similar wins to you, as well as a similar skill level. You may be matched against players with similar games won, such as a 3 wins player matching with a 3 win player, or you may match with players of a similar hidden skill rating. Once in a game, 5 Shard of Pandora cards will be placed into your deck, you will draw a Shard of Pandora like any normal card (at the start of the turn, or through other card draw). Drawing a Shard of Pandora will not count as actually drawing a card, and you will also draw an actual card from your deck as well.

Pandora Opens![edit | edit source]

Once the two players have collectively drawn 5 Shard of Pandora cards, Pandora opens. When Pandora opens, the three treasures you drafted and two "Treasure Found!" cards will be shuffled into your deck. When a "Treasure Found!" card is drawn, both players will receive one of their treasures from their deck at random (Unlike the Shard of Pandora, drawing a "Treasure Found!" card actually counts as drawing a card, so you will not draw an additional card).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players earn rewards that increase in value as they accomplish more wins before the run ends. Nine wins is the maximum amount for a Pandora Coin, and three wins is the maximum for Practice Coins. Pandora Points are accumulated throughout a Pandora Season granting additional rewards at the end of that season, and then resetting to 0. The rewards for Pandora generally allow you to earn and purchase card packs faster than Ranked or Casual modes, and is recommended for decently skilled players who are growing their collection.

The rewards for winning Practice or Pandora runs are:

Pandora Run (PP stands for Pandora Points)

Wins Single Player Rewards Gold Gold Equivalent Multi Player Rewards Gold Gold Equivalent
0 1 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 700 Gold 1700 1 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 700 Gold 1,700
1 2 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 800 Gold 1800 2 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 800 Gold 1,800
2 3 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 900 Gold 1900 4 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 900 Gold 1,900
3 4 PP + 2 Battle Chests 2000 7 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 300 Gold 2,300
4 5 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 100 Gold 2100 11 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 600 Gold 2,600
5 6 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 200 Gold 2200 16 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 900 Gold 2,900
6 7 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 250 Gold 2250 22 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 1,400 Gold 3,400
7 8 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 300 Gold 2300 29 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 1,900 Gold 3,900
8 9 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 350 Gold 2350 37 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 2,600 Gold 4,600
9 10 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 400 Gold 2400 46 PP + 3 Battle Chests + 3,000 Gold 6,000

Practice Run

Wins Single Player Rewards Multi Player Rewards
0 No Reward No Reward
1 20 Gold No Reward
2 40 Gold No Reward
3 60 Gold 1/3 of a Pandora Coin