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Source[edit | edit source]


Card Changes[edit | edit source]

NEUTRAL[edit | edit source]

Daring Adventurer

Reduced Faeria cost by 1

Now costs 4f(Down from 5f)

YELLOW[edit | edit source]

Shaytan Vampire

Design reworked.

Now: 6f DD, 5/6 "Whenever Shaytan Vampire damages a god, you gain that much life."

(was 7f DD, 7/4 Gift- This creature drains 2 life from all adjacent creatures)

Deathwish Ghoul

Now: Last words - Gain 2f(was Last words - Gain 3f)

Oradrim Sagittarius

Added both an additional Desert requirement and one health.

3f DD, 1/3(was 3f D, 1/2)

Wind Gate

Reduced Faeria and Desert requirement by 1.

Now: 1f D(instead of 2f DD)

BLUE[edit | edit source]

Sunken Tower

Reduced Faeria cost by 1

0f LL(was 1f LL)

Prophet of Tides

3f LL, 3/1 “Move a land you control twice.”

(was 1/1, “Move a land twice”)

Mystic Beast

Design reworked.

Now:3f LLL, 2/5 Gift: Gets +2/+0 and Jump if played adjacent to an enemy well.

(was 3fL, Gift: Gets +2/+2 and Charge 2 if your opponent has 10f or more)

Ancient Herald

Health increased by 1. 5/6(was 5/5)

GREEN[edit | edit source]

Ruunin’s Champion renamed to Ruunin’s Messenger

5f F (was 4fF) 3/5 (was 2/6)

Jump. Whenever this creature attacks a god, add a random green creature to your hand and decrease its cost by 2f.

(was: Whenever this creature attacks a god, add a random green creature to your hand. It gets +2/+2)

Faeria Tree

Now blows up at 5 life instead of 6.

MULTICOLOR[edit | edit source]

Apex Predator

Increased Faeria cost by one.

Soul Eater

Now has: Flying, Charge 3

Three Wishes

2f (was 0f) DDFFLLMM

Gain 3 life (was 4 life) and copy the top 3 cards of your opponent’s deck. They cost 3f (was 2f) less. You cannot wish for more wishes.

Rarity Changes

The following cards were swapped in rarity in regards to the affects this balance patch will have on Pandora.

With Ruunin’s Messenger now a much more powerful force in the common slot, we wanted to shift it to Epic to make it a little less easy to pick.

Ruunin’s Messenger is now Epic (was common)

Ruunin’s Avenger is now Rare (was Epic)

Sagami Elder is now Common (was Rare)

(Click here for an explanation on how rarity changes are compensated in memoria automatically for you)

Full disenchant values:[edit | edit source]

As a result of these balance changes, cards that have been reduced in power will be available for their full disenchant cost for 1 week. Those cards are as follows:

Apex Predator

Three Wishes

Shaytan Vampire

Deathwish Ghoul

Oradrim Sagittarius

Patch design notes:[edit | edit source]

Click here to head to our Official Boards and read some designer insight from Dan and the team

We’d like to give a big thank you to our Vanguard testers for taking time in helping to test this set of changes.

The Faeria Team