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In Solo mode you can replay the prologue, play the campaign or practice against the computer. Solo mode can be reached from the main page by pressing the 'Solo' button. It's a good entry point for newer players and a good place to test new experimental decks.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

The campaign is Faeria is a tri-lane experience where the player progresses through puzzles and challenges which progressively get harder. There are a multitude of bosses each with their own playstyle and a special boss, Jalmyr, who is the puzzle-boss and gives you progressively more difficult puzzles to complete (Up to 56). In the solo mode section you will find a table showing you how far through the collection of bosses and puzzles you are.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

You will face various bosses in the Faeria solo Campaing, including :

  • Aurora - The Turtle Lady, or Kappa. She has many powerful blue cards up her sleeve and an addiction to tea, but don't let her finish her cup....
  • Seifer - The Burning Kobold. He has a multitude of red cards to fling at your face, being hyper-aggressive, and even shortening the board.
  • Hoaka - The Triton tactician. He uses his skills to design far better boards than the original, so stay prepared to face his strategies.
  • Tarum - The First Tree. This ancient master of the forest will play a slow game against you, but be quick to destroy his Faeria trees!
  • Ruunin - The Relentless Spirit. This hound will run at you with his green cards, so be prepared to defend yourself.
  • Krog - The King of the Ogres. This magnificent Ogre will have you dancing with delight! His parties are legendary, and so is he.
  • Khalim - The Desert Prince. This sandy deity will be rushing straight to your orb! Defend as much as you can.
  • Jalmyr - The Master of the Puzzles. This deity will put you in various situations that you'll have to resolve in a turn - take your time, and think your moves ahead !

Finally, you may encounter three additionnal bosses being Fugoro, Rapala and Magda.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

It is a series of missions all players have to complete the first time they launch the game.
The prologue missions teach you the basics of Faeria and let you unlock all the Green Codex.
There are a total of 5 prologue missions.

Practice[edit | edit source]

Practice is a mode made for testing your decks against the AI or improving your strategies, it is very useful for finding out what cards need cutting from a deck before bringing it into the ranked or normal games. When playing practice mode you are randomly selected a solo-boss to play against (See above).

Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission packs can be bought with either gold or gems. They contain puzzles and missions against the various Bosses in the game.

World Bosses[edit | edit source]

A special game mode which contains bosses that are locked until the player reaches a certain level. They contain special in game bosses that add interesting effects and restraints to the game and get more difficult the higher level they are.

Oversky[edit | edit source]

Faeria's most recent expansion. It contains as series of islands with bosses on it. The first island is free and awards you oversky cards after the bosses completions. The rest cost either gold or gems and award you the cards when they are unlocked. The release of the cards will be staggered through the month of August of 2017, but there will be a total of 33 new cards and 16 bosses to complete.

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