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Strength is one of the four Green (Forest) codex. It contains:

Number of Cards Illu Card Color Type Faeria Lake Mountain Forest Desert Power Life Rarity Description
2 English 153.png Deepwood Grizzly Green Creature Card faeriaicon.png 5 Land Forest White.png 1 3 Power 8 Life Card rarity common.png Common
2 English 177.png Verduran Force Green Creature Card faeriaicon.png 6 Land Forest White.png 2 7 Power 7 Life Card rarity exceptional.png Rare
2 English 138.png Bloomsprite Green Creature Card faeriaicon.png 2 Land Forest White.png 2 1 Power 1 Life Card rarity common.png Common Last Words - Add a random green card to your hand. It costs Card faeriaicon.png 3 less.