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Tactics is one of the four Red (Mountain) codex. It contains:

Number of Cards Illu Card Color Type Faeria Lake Mountain Forest Desert Power Life Rarity Description
2 English 198.png Kobold Barracks Red Structure Card faeriaicon.png 2 Land Mountain White.png 2 4 Life Card rarity exceptional.png Rare Adjacent friendly creatures have +2/+0.
2 English 194.png Gift of Steel Red Event Card faeriaicon.png 3 Land Mountain White.png 2 Card rarity common.png Common Give +3/+0 to a creature. That creature also gains 3 Life if it has a Combat ability.
2 English 193.png Kobold Warbeast Red Creature Card faeriaicon.png 4 Land Mountain White.png 2 5 Power 4 Life Card rarity common.png Common