The player, the orbs, the memoria

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Chapter 1: The player[edit | edit source]

But let's start with you. You probably got that being able to create lands, control several creatures and create gold from nothing is not exactly a common ability.

So who can do that? Gods. Indeed, in Faeria, you are not a general, neither a summoner, but nothing else than a God.

You probably remember I told you there were two type of Gods : the Four Gods of Elements and the outer gods. You are one of the latter. Yes you are a God, but don't get your chest puffed with pride yet. There are a lot of these Gods... Really, you’re not that special. Each player is one of them, so imagine how many there are.

But still, you are a God, and you have several powers. The first one is the ability to take the control of creatures. Yep, I didn't write 'summon' or 'create', but 'control'. That's why you are not using mana to cast creatures, because you don't summon or create them, but hire them. As a God you are also able to see the battlefield from the top and to change the world as you see fit, creating or changing lands. You can also interact with the world, making miracles and weird events, but the creatures who are fighting are real, you didn't create them.

Now you maybe wonder why are the Gods fighting, as your opponent is a God too, and how can you have such an impact on the world while the 4 most powerful Gods Gaea, Astar, Aoros and Alua had to lose their immateriality to be able to create lands. Are you more powerful than them? Well, probably not. So how? This is where the orbs come in to play.

Chapter 2: The orbs[edit | edit source]

The first orb was found by Hîmsaël the Mariner, the Merovian great explorer who had a great journey which lead to the creation of the Mîrnast Empire and the Kingdom of Thyria. On his way back from Gabria, he went to the frozen center (the center of the world), where he founded a wonderful valley. In the middle of this valley there was a temple, and in this temple, an orb. He didn't know what the use of this orb was, but the Gabrians told him that in this temple there was something that could save the world.

He went back to Meroval with the orb, and hundreds of years were to pass before the races of the world learned how to create more of them, and what their use was. These orbs where able to create a link between a God and the world. Once the creatures of the world understood this, there was a revolution in warfare. With a God helping them, enemy armies had no chance. Quickly, in most large battles there was always a God on each side. The objective of the army became to destroy the enemy orb, thus destroying the link between the God and the world, and winning the battle.

The orbs do have some issues though. First of all they are really expansive. Second, it's really hard to move them, and third, the linked God can only interact within the area around the orb.

This is why you have to destroy the opponent's orb to defeat him. But it still doesn't explain why Gods are now fighting. To understand that, we need to see what the memoria is.

Chapter 3: The memoria[edit | edit source]

'Memoria', weird name for money. As its name says, it is related to your memory. But to understand how, and what is it, we need to go back a bit, when I told about how Orobouros destroyed the world and got sealed.

After Orobouros was sealed, the outer Gods thought their troubles were over. They lost their most powerful brothers and sisters, but it was all calm now. Well, they were wrong. They quickly understood that Orobouros was still slowly destroying the world. Indeed, he was eating his own tail and so the world was getting smaller and smaller, as the serpent himself was getting shorter. The Gods had to find a solution. After much hesitation, they decided to push all their energy into the world, to push against the Snakes movement and prevent him from continuing to devour himself. The divine energy lingered in the world, and became what you all know as Faeria.

It was a success, but all the Gods were completely out of energy, and they fell unconscious for a very long time. Recently, they started to wake up, but the Gods that returned realized that they have lost a lot of their power. Most of them completely lost their memory, they forgot everything and even how to interact with the world. They were completely powerless.

That’s when the living creatures of the world found a way to create a link with the Gods: the orbs. They quickly asked the recently awake outer Gods to help them fight against their opponent, but the Gods refused to use their power to destroy a world they sacrificed everything for. So the living creatures of the world offered to trade with the Gods: in exchange for their help, the creatures shared old relics with the Gods, Thyrian and Gabrian ones. These relics held divine knowledge from ages past. When the world was created, the first creatures of the world kept records of how the world first came to be, and how it developed. The problem is that the Gods can't read them! They need the creatures of the world to read it for them or to link them to an orb close to a relic. This is how relics and archaeology became a source of power.

Now Gods are forced to fight each other to get their memory and power back. Nobody knows if they will still fight when they will remember everything, or if they will avenge themselves and punish the creatures for forcing them to fight. And nobody knows what will happen with the divine energy they threw into the world a long long time ago, this 'Faeria'. The only thing that we knows is that now, the Gods are fighting.