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GO Faeria Clash[edit | edit source]

Go Faeria Clash final bracket

GO Faeria Clash was the first official Faeria tournament.
512 players entered the qualifiers for a chance to compete along with 8 invited pro players.
GO Faeria Clash boasted a total cash prize of $5000.
The tournament took place on April 23rd and 24th. The bracket for the tournament can be found here.

The winners of the tournament are:

  • First Place: Kingdanzz
  • Second Place: LifeCoach
  • Third Place: Kerith

The tournament was broadcasted live on Twitch.

Lunar Rumble[edit | edit source]

Lunar Rumble logo

Lunar Rumble is a tournament hosted by Coil Gaming.
Players compete in a Swiss style tournament with single elimination for the final four.
The prizes for Lunar Rumble are usually gold and Pandora tickets. The 4th Lunar Rumble took place May 7, 2016.

Solar Rumble[edit | edit source]

Also hosted by Coil Gaming, Solar Rumble is a swiss style tournament with a unique format.
The first Solar Rumble featured the Highlander format.
As in Lunar Rumble, the prizes are gold and Pandora tickets.

Faeria Showdown[edit | edit source]

Faeria Showdown has featured the top 'God' ranked players in a best of 4 tourney, hosted by Crow_77 and J0k3se. The showdown uses the Relentless format, the players are only allowed 3 copies of a card (or 1 if legendary) across all decks. The hosts have voiced some intentions to expand the tournament to more than the top 2 god ranked players, though these plans are not yet finalized. Cash prizes are funded by donations from the community.