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In a card game, each deck belongs to a general play style and in each play style there are many archetypes.
In this article we will discuss about the 3 main play styles in Faeria:

  • Aggro
  • Combo
  • Control

Choosing a play style is an important step in deckbuilding, in general a deck can't perform well in all play styles.

Aggro[edit | edit source]

Aggro decks aim to end the game fast, before the opponent has time to set up his strategy. To do this we must:

  • Place lands near the opponent's orb very quickly, using a lot of Prairies in straight line
  • Use creatures with haste to put lands near the opponent's orb
  • Use creatures with a move mechanic (charge X, flying, jump...)

It is possible to build an Aggro deck with any color, even though Blue and Red Aggro decks aren't very common because these colors don't have as many creatures who can do what we need in the Aggro play style.
Most Aggro decks are mono-colored since it takes too much time to set up land requirements for more than one color.

In Aggro play style we have some archetypes (not all Aggro archetypes are listed):

  • Rush
  • Flying

Rush archetype[edit | edit source]

Rush decks are the fastest Archetype. They aim to ignore the opponent's creatures and attack his orb directly utilizing cards which gain attack upon attacking an orb such as Oradrim Templar and cards which deal direct damage such as Malevolent Spirit.
Rush decks are most commonly Neutral or Yellow.

Flying archetype[edit | edit source]

Flying decks are simple: use flying creatures and cards which synergize with flying creatures.
Flying decks always contain Yellow since the vast majority of Flying Creatures are in this color.

Combo[edit | edit source]

Combo decks make use of cards that have excellent synergy. In an optimal combo deck, about half of the deck are cards of one of the types needed in the combo, while the other half are of the types needed for the other half of the combo. A combo deck's goal is to make use of good enough combos often enough to run their opponent out of options. Combo decks are possible to build with any color and no color is really more popular than any other. Combo decks can be multi-colored.

Common combo decks: Green Aggro, Green Buff, Green/Blue Buff, Red/Yellow Vicious, Flying Yellow

Control[edit | edit source]

Control decks aim to stall the game as long as possible until they eventually get an advantage, and win the game. Control decks usually consists of a lot of removal spells and other spells that help you keep your opponent under control. They also consists of some faeria gathering units for gathering enough resources to play their high-end removal and/or mass removal spells. Control decks can be built with any color, even though most control decks contain at least one color which is not green. Most control decks are multi-colored.

Common control decks: Blue Control, Blue/Red Control, Green/Red Control, Red Control, Red/Yellow Vicous